Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Set Goals, Challenge Yourself & Keep your Chin Up

RPM Training – step one complete

“A great reminder about setting goals, challenging yourself & keeping your chin up.”

I just completed the first step of the Les Mills RPM training program this past weekend and am here to tell you I learned a lot more than how to ride or how to teach others to ride a stationary bike.  I learned how to create life-changing fitness experiences.  I have been participating in RPM spin classes for a little over a year and a half and have really enjoyed the experience, but had no idea how much thought and preparation went into these workouts.  When I heard there was local training I quickly jumped on the band wagon to get into this training.  I had no idea what I was about to put myself through.  I’ve been through a lot of training for many different things and this was definitely one of the most difficult and rewarding both mentally and physically.

So, I set a goal to take and pass this first level of the Les Mills training.  It never even occurred to me that I had to learn the choreography, technical lingo, positions, pace, and coaching skills in a matter of a few days.  It was intense.  I enjoyed the challenge and had to keep my chin up (a positive attitude is critical).  I have not been that physically and mentally challenged before and I loved it.  It reminded me of just how important it is to step outside of your comfort zone on occasion and try new things.  The skills I learned and practiced this past weekend are transferable to so many parts of my life.  It is amazing how a little group fitness class can truly create such positive energy and motivation.

I am excited to be a part of the Les Mills team and truly believe they provide an experience that can influence and motivate people of all fitness levels.  Now that I am through the first step I still have 60 days of self and GGX team training as well as my video submission to complete the program.  So although I am excited I got through this past weekend, I now have to set new goals and focus on the complete package and deliver a great end result.  The most exciting part is that their process works.  I love a good process.  (cheers Andy!)

I want to share the experience with everyone and although I know only a few will read this post I do hope to inspire many in my RPM classes once I am fully certified.

I will keep you posted on when and where I am teaching once I am given the green light.

Set a goal, challenge yourself, keep a positive attitude.