Monday, March 18, 2013

Balance | Theme of My Week

What a great time to reflect how we use our time.  As we sprang forward an hour last week our nights were pushed later and we can now get that one last thing done before the sun goes down.

I know this post is a bit late since we observed daylight savings last weekend, but I challenge you to use this coming week to track how you use your time and reflect on it.  I had lots of “plans” this past week and instead of reaching any of them I filled my days with MORE.  More is not always better.  This is where balance comes in.  I recommend finding balance in your day, week, and year: physically and mentally.

Triathlons require a balanced training plan to make sure you are ready for each activity.  Your training plan can certainly be customized to favor one event over others, either your weak section or your favorite.  This all depends on your goals.  If you do not implement a balanced plan you will find out on race day which area you should have paid more attention to.  Even worse, if you do not practice balance in your training it may result in injury.

In addition to triathlon training I would like to add how important balance can be to your personal life as well.  I have been struggling the past few weeks with this balance as my work load and training load have been increasing.  My race event is only a month away, so it’s easy to want to fill any free time with training.  I am always seeking ways to help find this balance.  I heard news this past week of a high school friend who passed away suddenly and it caused me to reflect on how I spend my time.  The first step to finding balance in life is reflection.

How do you find and practice balance in your fitness plan?  I recommend a scientifically proven NASM OPT training plan.  I also strongly recommend incorporating Yoga into your weekly plan.  The more you cross train, stretch, use a balanced workout plan and stay mentally strong the better you will reach a balanced fitness level.

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