Saturday, October 11, 2014

Top Ten Fall Fitness Tips

As a full time exercise enthusiast and coach I am always working on ways to motivate and lure others into fitness.  I love studying and analyzing why we do what we do.  Here are some tips based on some recent client interactions and commons struggles I face when trying to help others reach their fitness goals.

#1.  Set goals each and every week (write them down).
#2.  Be OK with modifying your goals and updating as you go.
#3.  Shoot for 5-6 days of exercise each week (mix cardio, strength and flexibility).
#4.  Enjoy the Fall weather and get outside when you can – don’t take it serious everyday.
#5.  If you miss a scheduled workout, move on and try again.
#6.  Ask yourself why you didn’t reach your goals in the past & make adjustments.
#7.   Rest – If you are finally reaching your goals make sure you take some time off.
#8.  It’s easy to get too bogged down in all the details.   Keep it simple.
#9.  What is your reward?  This is important to know.  We all need a REWARD.
#10.  Be proud of the work you do!  Keep it up and you will get results.

I hope you find these simple tips helpful.  Check back each month for some new motivation (if I reach my goals of updating monthly.).

Coach Gibby