Monday, February 25, 2013

Swim Bike Kid | Guest Blogger

I am honored to be a new guest blogger for  Virginia at has offered me this opportunity.  I love sharing my passion for swimming, cycling & running with anyone, but especially my kids.  I was very excited when Virginia asked if I would like to share my stories, experiences and perspectives with her readers.

Check out my first guest blog at

Patience creates priceless moments. – Jason

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Les Mills RPM....Certified Instructor

After several months of sweat, dedication and perseverance I am officially a Les Mills RPM certified instructor.  More to come on this, but so happy to share the good news with you.

More on Les Mills training - Post I

Les Mills training - Post II

Come join me at my next RPM class!  Move More.  Live Healthy.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Race for the Place Update +

I am happy to announce our family 5k was a success!  I was not able to talk my teenager into joining us as he wanted to rest up for his soccer game, but my wife and other boys were in.  We woke up to a frigid morning for Columbia (35 degrees) which we were not quite prepared for so the boys were a bit cold going into this one.  I am so proud of how well Katie is doing and her attitude toward running has made a true 180.  As much as I love sharing this passion with the whole family there are always challenges when our kids are involved.  We were running a few minutes behind schedule due to a massive clothes search and therefore did not get to warm-up or prepare as long as we would have liked.  My youngest decided to run with Katie at the last minute and the cold was getting the best of him so managed to slow her down.  Despite these extra challenges Katie and I set new personal bests J.  I love it when goals are set & reached and it's always rewarding to see your tired kids woof down fresh donuts with a smile on their face.

So what’s next?  Well, I am officially registered for the TRYCHARLESTON HALF triathlon coming up in April and will begin specific training for this in the coming weeks.  I learned about this race from a client and am very happy that I am able to be in Charleston for his first Tri.  I plan to blog an update on our training and would love to hear from you on what is on your calendar.  Have you booked your next challenge?  Set new goals?